Student Training



Our summer/winter school student training takes place twice a year for an average period of four weeks and has been designed for school and university students who are interested in starting a career in the local tourism industry.The training consists of four parts: 

1. General introduction to Dubai tourism industry.
2. Introduction to the work of a Dubai tour guide.
3. Introduction to the hospitality sector.
4. Community services.

While the first part ‘General Introduction to Dubai Tourism industry’ gives an overview of the various sectors within Dubai’s tourism industry, the second part focuses on the education, knowledge and work scope of a Dubai tour guide while emphasising the wide range of assets, sights and attractions that the city has to offer to tourists from around the world.

The third part ‘Introduction to the Hospitality Sector’ takes one week and offers students the opportunity to experience work life in a hotel. The students will experience the corporate site of one of Dubai’s prestigious hotels and job shadow employees in various departments of the hotel, from front desk and F&B, to events, communications and marketing.

The last part invites the students to engage in a community project, underlining the importance of being a socially responsible member of the community, while also developing important social skills and competencies for both the private and professional life.



We provide on-the-job training for university students who are interested in a career in the tourism industry. This internship can also be used as part of the student’s post-graduate field research. In most cases this particular work experience is unpaid. The time frame of this internship depends on the organisation and the student’s individual needs and preferences. There are two types of internships. While the regular on-the-job training takes place in Dubai, there is also an opportunity for candidates to enrol in an internship that takes place abroad, in one of Dubai’s global partner destinations (international exchange).