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This is your chance to be the voice of Dubai, telling its unique story through your eyes. Share your enthusiasm with visitors who are interested in hearing about Dubai's unique past, present and future. You can also gain expert knowledge about the city’s unique heritage, gastronomy, natural landscape and so much more. 

Who should register?


  • Anyone with an interest in working or starting a business in the tourism sector (including part-time opportunity seekers)
  • Anyone with a passion for Dubai's rich history, culture, architecture, leisure offerings and more.

How will you benefit from the online programme?

  • You’ll receive training to improve your skills and effectively deal with tourists
  • You’ll receive a license to legally work as a tour guide in Dubai
  • With the license, you’ll be able to set up your own official tourism company
  • You’ll gain access to Dubai Tourism travel agents, tour operators and other entities within our network

What are the required documents?

  1. Emirates ID copy
  2. Passport photograph (with a white background)
  3. Police Clearance Certificate from Dubai Police
  4. High School Completion Certificate ( 12th grade or higher)
  5. English Proficiency Certificate with a score of B.1.1 on CEF (Certificate European Framework)
  6. First Aid Training Certificate

How to register?

Please visit

For enquiries


Phone: 04-4032828

What does it take to become a Dubai Tour Guide?

The comprehensive Dubai Tour Guide programme covers the following:

  • General information about Dubai, including geography, culture and heritage, economy, and key organisations
  • Organisation and control of groups to include planning and preparation, time management, assertiveness, and emergency management
  • Presentation skills to include cultural issues, communications techniques, active listening, complaint management, and cultural awareness

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