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Career counselling:

Our career counselling services will help candidates in defining their interest and career preferences. It will guide them to the appropriate career within the tourism industry’s different sectors based on their skills and competencies. It will also help industry leaders to understand the importance of hiring UAE Nationals as part of our Emiratisation initiative and invest in their career development.

Career services:

We offer Emirati job seekers the opportunity to register with us online to receive regular updates on available job vacancies. In addition, registered candidates will receive regular invites to special career events, as well as to interviews with our industry partners to explore different career opportunities. At the same time, we offer our industry partners various candidate-sourcing services to help them find the right talent.

Skills development:

We provide training programmes and courses designed specifically for UAE Nationals to enhance their skills and capabilities, which will enable them to grow professionally and find better career opportunities within the tourism sector.

Email us at: medyaf@dct.ac.ae

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