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Welcome to Dubai College of Tourism

DCT is the first tourism-based vocational college in Dubai. Our mission is to help create a labour force of energetic, well-trained professionals prepared to welcome the more than 23 million tourists expected to visit Dubai a year by 2025. We will strive every day to provide you with an exceptional learning experience and create lifelong opportunities for you which will enable us to become the premier vocational training college in Dubai and the MENA.

We believe students are drawn to the tourism and hospitality industry because of their exceptional drive to make other people's comfort, enjoyment, and happiness their business. Our goal is to provide you with a deeply rewarding and truly remarkable vocational-based education that combines classroom theory with hands-on “real world” experiences while challenging you to attain your full potential.

Our college brings together a dynamic industry advisory board comprised of industry professionals with expertise spanning across our five faculties - Tourism, Events, Retail, Hospitality and Culinary Arts. We are truly energized by our industry partners, and grateful for their support of our programmes and their true spirit of commitment to the future of the tourism and hospitality industry in Dubai.

We recognise that our responsibility extends beyond the bricks and mortar of our classrooms and learning laboratories. It encompasses the overall quality of your learning experience, requiring the constant updating of our courses to ensure they are current and relevant in an ever-changing tourism and hospitality industry. To this end, it is also our working internships – mandatory with every course – and the strong focus on practical learning that sets DCT students apart and prepares students for their future careers.

In the 4th most visited city in the world and a premier tourist destination We are excited to welcome you to the Dubai College of Tourism. I wish you every success and a truly rewarding learning and working experience.


Essa Bin Hadher
General Manager
Dubai College of Tourism

Diploma in Hospitality Management Graduate

Shamma Al Falasi

“I would recommend DCT to others because in the future it will help you work with self-confidence, and also helps you build your personality.  It is not just about studying, here they make sure you understand through group activities and project assignments.. Groups are always mixed up so you get to work with many different nationalities. We are practising now in different scenarios so that we are ready to deal with any problems we might face in our future careers. DCT makes learning practical and fun, and it is easy to communicate with everyone; teachers and other students”

Diploma in Events Management Graduate

Jemima Petalver

"I think DCT is a good college as it is associated with Dubai Tourism, so it can give you more opportunities when you graduate. Also you get to do an internship which helps you get real life work experience to prepare you. The teachers at DCT are very knowledgeable and really communicate well with the students. And the industry guest speakers are great, they give us a real feel for what it is really like, and talk about their experiences."

Certificate in Tourism Graduate

Reeda Wassem

"I choose to study tourism because I’m an outgoing person and I love to travel and make people happy. It is an interesting field to study because I can meet different types of people from around the world and it has a lot of opportunities to work and I can learn while travelling."

Certificate in Tourism Graduate

Jasmine Connolly

"I enjoy the balance between theory and practical work. Alongside classroom work, we’ve had the opportunity to go on loads of trips, from theme parks to kitchen tours! It’s interesting to visit places and learn new things which you didn’t know before and get to speak to people in depth about their jobs."

Diploma in Retail Business Management Graduate

Tania Shahid

"I would recommend DCT because it's a government college linked to Dubai Tourism and the teachers here, they treat you like you are in a workplace, respect you and make you feel comfortable. Also the other students, are very welcoming and friendly. It's affordable compared to other universities and colleges in Dubai. Also, you get an internship at the end of the course which helps you get a real job."


Diploma in Hospitality Managment

Huda Khan

"I would recommend this course at DCT because it is a more practical course, that prepares you completely for the workplace through the learning activities, group presentations and site visits and for sure it makes you more confident and outgoing."

Certificate in Culinary Arts Graduate

Ahmad Fardan

"DCT caters to my passion for culinary arts and provides me with a platform to keep learning and get a feel for cooking. I get guidance from my teachers here as they have more than 30 plus years of industry experience. There is also the internship which will give me real life experience of operating in a professional kitchen which is crucial to my understanding of what the field will be like in the future."

Diploma in Tourism Management Graduate

Salima Alaoui

"I enjoy studying at DCT because it is more of a social environment, which makes everyone feel very comfortable from the beginning. Would recommend it because it is affordable, and you make a lot of contacts from the trips and experiences, and you get to really know the tourism industry in depth.

Diploma in Culinary Arts Graduate

Hisham Hamad Saleh

“Dubai College of Tourism is a unique college because it is located in the middle of the city,  it has great teachers and the amazing thing about the college is that it focuses on learning by doing."



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