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Earn while you learn with DCT's Certificate 4 in Culinary Operations Apprenticeship programme!

DCT is proud to pioneer a culinary apprenticeship programme - the first of its kind in the UAE -  with top industry partners.


What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are work-study programmes that combine on-the job training at a specific employer with related classroom instruction at college.

Students enrolled in the DCT Level 4 Culinary Operations Apprenticeship will learn in blocks. Some blocks will be taught in the classroom at DCT (40% of the programme), but the majority of learning (60%) will take place while working in an industry partner’s kitchen facilities, supervised by industry-appointed chefs. Students enrolled in the apprenticeship will have labour contracts and will receive a monthly salary throughout the duration of the programme.

Programme Details

  • Programme starts: August 2024
  • Total programme duration: 2 years
  • Total programme costs: 12,000 AED*
  • Application deadline: April 30th, 2024

*6,000 AED payment due upon receipt of admission offer. Remaining 6,000 AED balance must be paid to DCT by August 14, 2024. Failure to adhere to payment deadlines may result in withdrawal of the admission offer.

Programme Structure

The programme is structured into learning blocks over the 2 years:

Block 1

4 weeks of classroom instruction at DCT

Block 2

11 months of work-study at the industry partner's kitchen

Block 3 

4 weeks of classroom instruction at DCT

Block 4

11 months of work-study at the industry partner's kitchen

Block 5

2 weeks of classroom instruction at DCT, and End Practical Exam

Who is Eligible?

Any applicant who:

  • Is at least 18 years old
  • Has the ability to take initiative, to be responsible and has good work ethic


Both local and international applicants are encouraged to apply.

Benefits received:

During the 2-year programme, apprentices will receive:

  • A monthly salary
  • Uniforms for work
  • Meals while on duty in the partner’s kitchen
  • Medical insurance
  • Employment Visa
  • Accommodation or an equivalent allowance within the salary will be provided as per employer policy.

Application process

Step 1

Apply through DCT’s application form. Click here to access this form.

Step 2

Upon receipt, the applicant will be invited to an interview with DCT as well as a numeracy and English exam. This is the first interview in the application process.

Step 3

The applicant will receive notification of success or failure to continue to the next stage of admission. Successful candidates will be forwarded to an industry partner for a second interview.

Step 4

The industry partner will conduct a second interview with the applicant.

Step 5

The applicant will receive their final admissions decision. Successful candidates will be placed in our apprenticeship programme.

Industry partners

DCT is partnering with leading employers for its pioneering Apprenticeship programme.

Interested in becoming an industry partner? Email us at

Application deadline April 30th, 2024

Apply now for our August 2024 intake!

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