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Hear more about life at DCT from our students and instructors 

Meet Jasmin Solero, one of DCT’s students studying tourism to pursue her passion as a people person. At DCT, she learnt how to be original and share ideas outside the box. ​

Meet Tania Shahid, one of our Retail Business Diploma students, as she shares her thoughts on what inspired her to pursue a Certificate of Retail Business and continue her journey to pursuing her diploma.​

Meet Muhammad Ameir. He's one of DCT's tourism students and shares what excites him most about the tourism industry–from experiencing the cultures of others to globe-trotting. 

Nikoleta Hroncova, a Hospitality instructor at DCT talking about what's inspiring about working in the hospitality industry.​

Becky Jackson, an events management professional and DCT instructor shares why a career in events is a promising opportunity for many.​

Priyanka Madan, a teacher at DCT talks about why both DCT and Dubai are fantastic places for starting a career in the retail industry.

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