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Visit to the Emirates Salon Culinaire 2021


The 24th Emirates Salon Culinaire (ESC) 2021 took place from April 4th - 8th 2021 in Dubai.

The five-day event was live streamed and took place in Jumeirah Creekside Hotel and Radisson Blu Dubai Deira Creek running alongside the Expo Culinaire Exhibition 2021 in a virtual format.

The Emirates Salon Culinaire (ESC) is a series of practical and display-based culinary competitions; entry to which is open to professional chefs, pastry chefs, cooks and bakers.

To any member of the general public fortunate enough to observe it, the Emirates Salon Culinaire is a visual extravaganza of culinary showpieces and practical cookery demonstrations. This year, DCTs Culinary Arts students had the unique opportunity to visit the Emirates Salon Culinaire. Accompanied by DCT Culinary Arts Instructors Christian Biesbrouck and Peter Boos, the students were fortunate to see first-hand how the Salon through the competition and exposition serves to inspire and encourage young chefs to continually strive for ever upward improvement in their daily work practice.


“The Expo Culinaire 2021 was a great exposure for me and it gave me many idea's as well as it was such a pleasure to meet different chef's from all around the world. Through this, I personally learned a lot that how much people love and respect to be a chef, the passion and love that they were showing made me feel proud for choosing to become a chef.”

-Bilal Masood Al Arqam, DCT student studying in Certificate in Culinary Arts


“The Expo was a great opportunity for me to explore and see culinary world and it gave a big opportunity to meet different level of chefs from all around the world which was so amazing, I learned many things from them.”

-Nour Amro, DCT student studying in Certificate in Culinary Arts


“The Expo was so well laid out, it had various amazing displays. We learnt about the judging criteria for the competition and we were also able to meet new people and grow our network. It was a great experience and really showed us:

1) The different skill sets needed and how to improve them with time and experience.

2) Various creative ideas to inspire us.

3) How to work under pressure as shown by the live cooking competition.

4) How to manage our work and attempt to get the best outcome possible.

5) How important teamwork is to achieve a goal ”

-Mariam Varghese, DCT student studying Certificate in Culinary Arts

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