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Virtual internship


With the health and safety of students always being a top priority of DCT amid the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual internships were organized for the College’s students at the end of their academic year. The objective was to still enable students to prepare for the next stage of their career without any disruption to their studies or affecting their mentorship and training opportunities. These internships, which commenced at the beginning of June were one month in duration and all interns received live training and mentoring by experts in their chosen fields.

DCT partnered with Hilton in providing the virtual internships to students in the Hospitality and Culinary Arts programmes. Dubai Tourism also supported DCT’s students by providing remote internships to DCT’s students in Tourism, Events and Retail Business.

 “With the current situation upending our plans to provide conventional industry internships at the end of the academic year, Dubai College of Tourism has nevertheless secured several virtual internships to honour its commitment to students who have completed Certificate courses in the five core specialisations at DCT.  We are fortunate to have taken the lead in establishing e-learning platforms long before the onset of COVID-19, paving the way for a smooth and seamless transition to a digital learning environment for these students that would also help safeguard their health while they follow instructions from the safety of their homes.  All internships are structured in a way that students are able to take away maximum learning from each session, with the expert team of instructors and mentors on the online programmes maintaining the same high level of dedication and enthusiasm in teaching the interns as they would in an on-the-job training process. ‘’ - Essa Bin Hadher, General Manager, Dubai College of Tourism

Working with industry partners enabled DCT to provide an invaluable experience for our students ensuring that will serve as a springboard to exciting career opportunities for all candidates, enabling them to enter the tourist-facing workforce with practical experience and valuable industry knowledge.

To read more about how DCT organized these virtual internships and what our students did, here is a video with our Academic Director, Olivia Turner, Business Development Director, Jeff Strachan and our partners at Hilton; William Costley, VP of Operations and Cristian Gradnitzer, Senior Director, F&B.

Watch the video here


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