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UAE Golden Jubilee Scholarship


The Dubai College of Tourism (DCT), a part of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), has unveiled a brand-new scholarship at the ongoing Arabian Travel Market (ATM) to mark the UAE’s Year of the 50th, and bolster its efforts to provide quality vocational education opportunities to young people, covering key specialisations within the tourism ecosystem.


The Golden Jubilee Scholarship will be available to students enrolling for DCT’s 2021/22 academic year, starting this September and is open to Emiratis and UAE-based expatriate residents of all nationalities.  More specifically, the opportunity is open to applicants who hold a grade 12 (or equivalent) high school graduation certificate from a UAE registered school or college. Once prospective candidates submit their applications via the DCT website, they will be contacted by a member of the admissions team to arrange an interview.


The Dubai College of Tourism was founded to help foster the talent pool within the emirate and encourage young Emiratis and expatriates to take up suitable careers within the tourism industry. By providing an avenue for high school and college graduates to pursue Certificate and Diploma Courses in Tourism, Events, Hospitality, Retail Business and Culinary Arts, the college aims to aid the development of the tourism sector, as well as groom the country’s next generation of tourism leaders.


The scholarship closely aligns with the foundational pillar of the ‘Year of the 50th’, which is to inspire the youth to realise their ambitions of the next 50 years, while supporting them to make quality national achievements in furtherance of ‘The March of Development, Progress and Prosperity’.


For more details on the Dubai College of Tourism Golden Jubilee Scholarship, click Here.


The opportunity designed to foster the youth is open to all that call the UAE home

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