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Do You Want to Work in a Hotel?


Interested in pursuing a career in Dubai’s Hotel Industry?

NOW is the time….Don’t hesitate.

Securing a good grounding in the basics of our hospitality industry is critical. Take a good look around the industry in Dubai and we see countless examples of brilliant hotel leaders who ‘grew up’ in our industry. For them there was no ‘magic solution’ that took them from college graduate to hotel GM in two short steps. It just doesn’t work that way.

It works this way. You grasp the basics, at Certificate level, you learn service standards, operations standards, cultural awareness, technical skills and you work hard, perhaps in a part-time job to master those skills, over and over again just as hard as a ballerina would work to master their art. At Diploma level, you begin to understand supervision, management standards and responsibility, perhaps you’ll feel pressure, work with numbers and grasp performance levels at the same time you keep practicing, over and over and over again and the time to grab that chance to practice is NOW.

The hospitality industry the world over needs people today. If you are prepared to grasp the basics, work hard and prove your talent, you’ll excel, you’ll grow and you will be successful. There are countless examples throughout Dubai and across the world of bellboys becoming GM’s, waiters who are now CEO’s, chefs running entire companies; they all share one thing in common; they mastered the hospitality basics, they worked hard, they thrive around people and they love to see guests happy, safe and enjoying themselves. 

I recall clearly my college days taking my certificate and diploma courses, I often wondered where those classroom lessons would lead. I recall cleaning tents and holiday caravans on my hands and knees to get them sparkling clean to welcome guests and I recall so many hotel weekend duty shifts with thousands of guests eating, laughing, partying and enjoying. I loved to see them all happy, it makes me happy.

As our industry begins to recovers from its lowest ever point, the time to join is NOW, opportunity is everywhere. Together with local partners, the largest hospitality operators in the world continue to open hotels in the region at a rapid rate, those operators are searching high and low for ‘locally sourced talent’, talent that knows the city and can ‘hit the ground running’. That’s why it is critical that we all get started TODAY, you can learn the basics with us at DCT, begin to master your craft, grab a chance to work hard and take it from there. You’ll fly, the hospitality industry in Dubai is ready to welcome you.

Image above: Fares Al Sabagh, a DCT Hospitality student, working at Hilton. Click here to find out more about his experience.

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