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  • January 2019 Certificate in Tourism

    Want to start your Tourism Certificate soon? The next Certificate in Tourism course will run from January 2019 to August 2019. Terms and conditions apply, please see below.




Dubai is one of the world’s most exciting cities and tourism is at the heart of its future. It is fast becoming the city’s main economic driver, with the Dubai Government focused on ensuring the rapid growth of the tourism industry. The speed of this growth and the diversity of its offering means that more and more people are being employed in interesting positions, many of which have not existed until now. It also means that there is an increasing number of new and exciting careers available to you, and the opportunity to play a prominent role in Dubai’s future. Our Tourism courses expose students to a range of tourism services and skills. It will provide students with a sound knowledge of both office and field-based industry functions and the confidence to apply them in the real world. The practical focus of this course will open doors to the industry's top employers and ensure a rewarding career.

The one-year Certificate programme explores Visitor Information, Impacts of Tourism, Travel Agency Operations, Guiding and various other topics designed to ensure that graduates excel in the industry.

The Diploma programme, which is an additional four months after the certificate, builds on these skills to give graduates all the tools required to master all the facets of Tourism Management.

The next Certificate in Tourism course will run from January 2019 to August 2019*. This is done at an accelerated pace i.e. with no term breaks other than public holidays. This gives students the opportunity to progress to the Diploma programme in September 2019 enabling them to gain a Certificate and Diploma in just one year. The fee for this accelerated programme is AED 20,400. *A minimum number of 10 students is required for the course to run.

* Data from DTCM Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy Update, February 2016

Fees: The one-year Certificate costs XXXXXX AED. The two-year Diploma costs XXXXX AED. Please contact us to discuss entry requirements and the admissions process.


Core units
of the course

Introduction to the Tourism Industry

Introduction to Events & MICE

Social and Cultural Awareness

MENA Destinations

Customer Service

Product Information

Safety and Risk Control

Workplace Communication and Supervision

Impacts of Tourism

Travel Agency Operations

Tour Guiding


Business and Sales Strategies


Information Technology (ICDL)*


Why Study Tourism ?

In 2016, Dubai welcomed 14.9 million tourists1.
This made it the 4th most visited city in the world1. By 2020 it plans to be number 1.
DCT is training Dubai's future professionals for the job opportunities that tourism is creating.


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