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At DCT, we use student feedback from each term to continuously review and improve our students' experience at the College. We understand that our prospective students want to know the experience of other students who have studied with us to make an informed choice.

Here's what some of our students have to say about their experience at DCT.

"I would recommend DCT to those that have a passion for the hospitality industry.

Once I met with representatives of DCT and had a lengthy conversation to fully understand what courses they offer, I knew that DCT would be the right choice for me. I believed that the variety of hospitality-based courses would create a fantastic atmosphere for the students making it easier for them to co-exist on the campus and make friends throughout the college and not only within your class.

The hospitality-based atmosphere was the perfect environment for new students to get comfortable quickly with each other, the campus, as well as the style of teaching- which I felt was unique to DCT. I truly enjoyed the number of excursions and site-visits that were extremely relevant to my course work."

"I joined DCT because of my passion for studying Tourism. This goes back to my childhood when I used to plan family vacations and was the most excited to go on trips. I first studied Tourism in Grade 10 where my interest sparked reading a case study about my hometown Dubai. The case study focused on the recent developments by Dubai Tourism that has put the glistening city on the world map as a top-notch tourist destination. I wanted to be a part of the tourism industry in Dubai and got the opportunity to enroll into a college that runs under the Umbrella of DTCM. I knew this decision would open a lot of doors for me and I am glad to say it did.

My experience at DCT was great, the most exciting experiences were going out on trips and seeing the industry and its professionals in real life. Everything we studied in class would come to life during those trips and the concepts would then be registered in my mind.

I would definitely recommend DCT to others as it provides quality education at an affordable price. The way of teaching and learning is different to the traditional style, it is very practical and hands on. Our instructors are industry professionals and specialised in the courses they teach."

“My journey with DCT has been great, and at the same time challenging. I enrolled in DCT as I was particularly interested in studying hospitality and tourism. I wanted to specialise in the cruise industry as I enjoy meeting new people and want to travel the globe while working. I was quickly exposed to a great learning environment at DCT where the faculty are industry professionals, who have helped me in developing my confidence immensely.
I am really proud of my achievements, in reaching the final year of obtaining my degree. I know DCT has been the right choice. I feel that this is the best institution, for those who are planning their career in the hospitality and tourism industry.”

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