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At DCT, we understand that our prospective students want to know how other students experienced studying with us to make an informed choice. At the end of each term, we ask our students for feedback to ensure we continue to review and improve our students' experience at DCT.

Finally, at the end of each academic year, we ask for their final reflection. Here are some of our top findings from 2019-2020:

How well has your college experience prepared you for your career goals?

91% of students said the college had positively prepared them for their career goals.

Were you satisfied with the following types of employment/ careers support? For example, help provided to produce a CV, and assistance given with approaching potential employers. 

100% of Retail Business, Culinary Arts and Hospitality students were satisfied. 

"I would recommend DCT to those that have a passion for the hospitality industry. Fitting into this industry will not come easy to someone that is not interested in the well being, safety and satisfaction of others. Being able to wake up every day with the idea of creating, collaborating and communicating with others is what drives a person to excel in this line of work. If you have the passion in your heart to make a difference and learn the ins and outs of any or all sectors of hospitality, then DCT will be the perfect place to sate your curiosity and facilitate your needs by giving you the fundamentals you need to thrive."

I would definitely recommend DCT to others as it provides quality education at an affordable price. The way of teaching and learning is different to the traditional style, it is very practical and hands on. Our instructors are industry professionals and specialized in the courses they teach. 

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