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As a melting pot of cultures and culinary identities, Dubai is an incredible place to practice a career in the Culinary Arts.

With millions of international visitors per year, the continued scope and diversity of Dubai's culinary industry is essential to support tourism and a positive visitor experience.

Our one-year Certificate programme focuses on kitchen-based skills as well as theoretical learning such as food safety and sanitation, restaurant operations and career preparation.

Theoretical classes take place at our main campus in One Central while the practical classes take place in the DCT Kitchen, a professional teaching facility located at Meydan Grandstand, consisting of 3 hot kitchens and a pastry kitchen.

Upon completion of the one year certificate course, students can continue their studies with our two-year Advanced Diploma in Culinary Arts to give graduates further hands-on, practical training and internship opportunities.

Course Structure

YEAR ONE | Certificate 4 in Culinary Operations

  • Level: 4 (NQF)
  • Credit Hours: 68
  • Duration: One academic year
  • Study Mode: Full-time
  • Intake: Autumn (September)

During the one-year Certificate 4 in Culinary Operations programme students study core units which provide the fundamental business and academic skills required in any culinary related position such as cultural awareness and workplace communication.

Culinary Arts students will also study specialized units that help make them work ready such as: culinary fundamentals, seafood and meat preparation, baking fundamentals, food safety and sanitation and restaurant operations.

For more information on all units, click here

Students are also placed on a mandatory 6-week internship as part of the Certificate Level 4 programme. 

*Accredited by the Ministry of Education (MOE). Valid until 28.09.2027.

YEAR TWO & THREE | Level 6 Advanced Diploma in Culinary Management

  • Level: 6 (NQF)
  • Credit Hours: 132
  • Duration: Two academic years
  • Study Mode: Full-time
  • Intake: Autumn (September)

Upon successful completion of the certificate level 4, students can choose to progress to the Advanced Diploma in Culinary Management programme, which requires an additional two years of study.

At this level, students will go beyond the kitchen to learn the business skills needed to set up or run a successful food related company including entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership skills. They will delve into international cooking techniques learning about specific ingredients and skills from Europe to South America,  Asia to North America and study subjects such as Advanced Baking, Asian Cuisine, Menu Creation, Nutrition, Food preservation and Sustainable Food Management Strategies.

Students will also have the opportunity to complete a longer industry internship placement of 4 months in Year 2, and another 4 months in Year 3.


  • Site Visits
  • Guest Lectures from Industry Experts /Connections
  • Industry Links/Connections
  • Careers Service 
  • Industry Expertise – teachers
  • Practical groupwork and assignments
  • Networking with Industry professionals
  • Internship
  • Volunteering Opportunities 

Please note:

On successful completion of the qualifications, Certificate and Advanced Diplomas will be issued as per policy.

“The student experience at DCT was truly enriching, with a diverse and supportive community of students and faculty. This environment fostered creativity, collaboration, and a passion for culinary excellence. DCT played a pivotal role in shaping my career. The knowledge and skills I acquired there have been instrumental in my professional journey as a chef. I am grateful for the quality education and mentorship I received at DCT. I am currently proud to serve as a Demi Chef at Hilton, where I continue to build on the foundation laid during my time at DCT. “


Demi Chef, Waldorf Astoria, Dubai



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