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DCT is postponing all Short Courses until further notice, due to the current COVID situation.  This decision was made in the best interests of the health & safety of all students and the wider education community. 

We hope to be able to offer these courses again very soon.

Please fill out this form to be contacted when our courses resume. 

Our 1 to 5 day courses are designed to teach you specialised skills from some of Dubai's top industry professionals with content tailored to help you in your professional development. 

Short Courses 2020

  • SC1

    Travel Agency Operations

    This course equips you the essential skills needed to work as a travel agent in Dubai. The topics that are covered in this course include customer service, understanding customer expectations, how to tailor a package and itinerary and processing travel related documents.  ​

    DAY 1
    - Understanding the meaning of customer service and its importance to the Travel Agency Operations (TAO) market today
    - Learning to ask the right questions related to the industry
    - Standard Travel industry language and abbreviations
    - Overview of customer expectations
    - Understanding the relevance of travel agents in the evolving travel industry

    DAY 2
    - Gaining the trust of your customers
    - Fulfilling customer expectations through customer service skills and accurately identifying customer needs
    - Understanding itineraries and packages
    - Overview of the UAE market in terms of demand
    - Overview of the highest outbound destination

    DAY 3
    - Creation of itineraries and packages
    - Introduction to the GDS system
    - Using GDS to make flight bookings and to arrange quotations. 



    Training Length: 3 days
    Timing: 9am-4pm
    Fee: 500 AED

    Instructor: Lucy Mousa 


  • SC2

    Destination Marketing: Dubai

    In this course learners will discover the structure of the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO), the strategic direction and planning, brand focus and the various tactical approaches that the DMO utilises and how understanding the role of the DMO can be translated into their own organisation.

    AM: Overview of the DMO structure and strategic direction
    PM:  Review of the tactical initiatives a DMO undertakes to drive visitation


    Training length: 1 day
    Timing: 9am-4pm
    Fee: 300 AED

    Instructor: Jeff Strachan

  • SC3

    Ecommerce Bootcamp

    Ecommerce Bootcamp: How to launch an E-commerce business in 7 days

    DAY 1
    - Setting up your business
    - Market Research & Competitive Analysis
    - Target Audience & Segmentation
    - Choosing and managing products/suppliers
    - Brand Identity & Positioning
    - Pricing strategy
    - Trade Licensing
    - Banking & Finance Management

    DAY 2
    - Building your ecommerce site
    - Domain Name Registration & Hosting
    - Ecommerce Platform Set Up
    - Payment Gateway set up
    - Shipping solutions

    DAY 3
    - Planning your marketing campaigns
    - Competitive Research & Benchmarking
    - Search Engine Optimisation
    - Paid Search marketing & Google Shopping Campaigns
    - Display Advertising
    - Social Media Marketing
    - Email Marketing
    - Video Marketing
    - Digital Analytics


    Training Length: 3 days
    Timing: 9am-4pm
    Fee: 1800AED

     Instructor: Akvile Pareigyte

  • SC4

    Managing Business Finance

    Managing Business Finance (For Non-finance Professional)

    Financial principles are critical at all level of hierarchy in all business organization. Managing Finance (For Non-finance Professional) will help in understanding finance and financial statements and making decision using the financial and accounting concepts. The participant will be apprised with key finance terms and its application in day-to-day operational activity. The course prepares you for leadership role wherein financial awareness is crucial.

    DAY 1
    - Understanding the meaning and language of Finance
    - Reading the Financial Statement and Reports
    - Calculating the Price and Value in Business
    - Overview of Business Accounting

    DAY 2
    - Budgeting
    - Finance in Business
    - Analyzing Business Performance
    - Audit
    - Understanding Business Metrics


    Training Length: 2 days
    Timing: 9am-4pm
    Fee: 500 AED

    Instructor: Manzar Wassem

  • SC5

    Digital Marketing Bootcamp

    Digital Marketing Bootcamp: A deep dive into the digital landscape to help you optimise your digital footprint

    DAY 1
    - Web Audit
    - Mobile Marketing
    - Moments & Mindsets: understanding the online consumer
    - On-page, Off-Page & Technical SEO
    - Keyword Research
    - Content Planning

    DAY 2
    - Paid Search Advertising: account structure, automated bidding strategies & campaign optimisation
    - Display Advertising: audience targeting, creative formats and messaging
    - Programmatic Advertising: RTB bidding, platforms & auctions
    - Social Media Marketing: competitive research, influencer outreach & location based social-media monitoring

    DAY 3
    - Social Media Advertising: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn
    - Hyperlocal Marketing
    - Video Marketing & Creative Testing
    - Content Launch Plan
    - Meaningful Analytics & Improved Budgeting 


    Training Length: 3 days
    Timing: 9am-4pm
    Fee: 1800AED 

    Instructor: Akvile Pareigyte

  • SC6

    Hotel Receptionist and OPERA Training

    Hotel Receptionist and OPERA Training: Start your new career as a hotel receptionist in 5 days

    Start your new career as a hotel receptionist in 5 days. This course is at least 70% hands-on practical and involves Opera system training.

    DAY 1 
    - ​Understanding the complexities of hotel organization
    - ​Front Office departments and their role within the hotel organization
    - ​4 stages of the Guest Cycle and its relationship to the front office activities
    - ​Creating, modifying and searching for guest profile

    DAY 2
    - ​Creating, modifying and searching for guest reservation
    - ​Profile & Reservation Skill Check and Practice Exercises
    - ​Check-in and front desk functions
    - ​Front Desk Skill Check and Practice Exercises

    DAY 3
    - ​Cashiering and posting functions
    - ​Check-out and Payment functions
    - ​End of day/Night Audit procedures
    - ​Cashiering Skill Check and Practice Exercises

    DAY 4 
    - ​Opera Practice session
    - ​Opera Practical Exam
    - ​Role Play sessions ( guest reservation, check-in sequence of procedures, check-out sequence of procedures)

    DAY 5 
    - ​Guest complaint handling
    - ​Selling techniques and upselling techniques
    - ​Understanding the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and key hotel terminology
    - ​Optional: Employment assistance – guidance on interview techniques, CV correction/recommendations, career path planning


    Training Length: 5 days
    Timing: 9am-4pm
    Fee: AED 900

    Instructor: Marta Dolinska-Mart

Our Instructors

Our short courses are designed and taught by some of Dubai's leading industry professionals.