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EID AL ADHA Scholarship Programme

Dubai College of Tourism is offering new scholarships for the academic year 2023/24. Residents of the UAE (both Emirati and expatriate) may be eligible for a scholarship at DCT this EID AL ADHA.

As part of our commitment to empowering outstanding students and inspiring them to pursue careers in the tourism sector, our scholarship program represents a key pillar in our strategy for talent retention and supporting the development of the tourism industry in the UAE. We consider it an imperative that we provide equal opportunities for students interested in pursuing education and careers in the field of tourism regardless of their backgrounds.

The Eid Al Adha scholarship is applicable to students who have strong academic and extra-curricular performance from high school. The limited number of Eid Al Adha scholarships will apply to Tourism, Hospitality and Events Level 4 Certificate programmes. 

To be eligible for the Eid Al Adha Scholarship, an applicant must have a valid UAE permanent resident visa, provide evidence of a minimum grade of 70% on finishing examinations from secondary education, have successfully completed the required admissions process including English and Maths assessments as well as passed the interview.


  • Complete the DCT application form before Eid Al Adha (June 28th, 2023)
  • To be eligible you must pass DCT entrance exams and attend an interview to confirm your eligibility for a scholarship.
  • Scholarships are offered for DCT programmes in Hospitality, Events and Tourism only.
  • Students MUST already be in UAE and attend the interview in person. The scholarships offered cover academic fees only and students must be already residing in the UAE.



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