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Succeed in Dubai's Dynamic Retail industry

Already huge in scope and opportunity, Dubai’s retail industry is growing rapidly. This course is a must for those who are passionate about brands and customer service and want a successful future in the retail industry.

The course delves deep into the technology led processes, structure and markets of this dynamic industry. It enables you to have a thorough understanding of creating a customer-centric culture, building relationships, and strong brands.

The one-year Retail Business Certificate programme covers topics such as Skills for Service Excellence, Innovation for the Workplace and Retail Stock Management. With its comprehensive practical focus, graduates enter the industry with a huge competitive advantage.

Upon completion, students can continue their studies with our Diploma in Retail Business Management for an additional year to build on these skills to give graduates all the tools required to master all the facets of Retail management.

Both programmes include working internships, hands-on training and access to industry insiders. Their practical focus ensures graduates enter the working world with the confidence, experience, and connections to build an exciting career.

* Data from DTCM Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy Update, February 2017

The one-year Certificate costs XXXXXX AED.
The two-year Diploma costs XXXXX AED.
Please contact us to discuss entry requirements and the admissions process.


Course Details


    Certificate in Retail Business (Level 4)

    During one-year Certificate in Retail Business programme students study the following subjects as core units which provide the fundamental business and academic skills required in any retail business related position:

    - Skills for Service Excellence
    - Social and Cultural Awareness
    - Workplace Communication and Supervision
    - Safety and Risk Control
    - Environmental Sustainability

    Retail business students will also study specialised units giving them broader knowledge of the retail business sector as well concrete skills to make them work ready. These units are:

    - Introduction to the Retail Business Industry
    - Multichannel Retailing
    - Merchandising
    - Retail Stock Management
    - Sales and Marketing
    - Industry Internship



    Diploma in Retail Business Management (Level 5)

    Upon successful completion of the certificate programme, students can choose to progress to the Diploma in Retail Business Management programme, which requires an additional year of study. The Diploma focuses on teaching students more supervisory, teamwork and leadership skills. You will also have the opportunity to tailor your studies to suit your career aspirations through a selection of option modules and complete a longer industry internship placement of at least 4 months.

    Students study the following subjects during the Diploma Of Retail Business Management:

    - Business Communication
    - Supervising and Leading a Team
    - Digital Marketing
    - Industry Internship
    - Retail Buying and Forecasting
    - Entrepreneurship

    Please note the Diploma programme is only available to those students who have successfully completed the one year certificate programme.


Why Study Retail Business ?

The Dubai Mall, the world's largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination, welcomed more than 80 million visitors in 2017.

Dubai is The 2nd most important global retail destination in The world for consumers and brands.

World class shopping experience demands experts in retail and customer care.


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