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Succeed in Dubai's Dynamic Retail industry

Already huge in scope and opportunity, Dubai’s retail industry is growing rapidly. This course is a must for those who are passionate about brands and customer service and want a successful future in the retail industry.

The course delves deep into the technology led processes, structure and markets of this dynamic industry. It enables you to have a thorough understanding of creating a customer-centric culture, building relationships, and strong brands.

The one-year Retail Business Certificate programme covers topics such as Skills for Service Excellence, Innovation for the Workplace and Retail Stock Management. With its comprehensive practical focus, graduates enter the industry with a huge competitive advantage.

Upon completion, students can continue their studies with our Diploma in Retail Business Management for an additional year to build on these skills to give graduates all the tools required to master all the facets of Retail management.

Both programmes include working internships, hands-on training and access to industry insiders. Their practical focus ensures graduates enter the working world with the confidence, experience, and connections to build an exciting career.

* Data from DTCM Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy Update, February 2017

The one-year Certificate costs XXXXXX AED.
The two-year Diploma costs XXXXX AED.
Please contact us to discuss entry requirements and the admissions process.


Core units
of the course

  • Unit 1

    Introduction to the Retail Industry

    Introduction to the Retail Industry is designed to prepare learners to work in the Retail industry in Dubai. Learners will gain an understanding of the Retail industry and its importance to the Dubai economy, the diversity of the Retail environment and the knowledge and skills required to successfully work in customer focused environments.

  • Unit 2

    Environmental Sustainability

    Through studying 'Environmental Sustainability', students will be provided with the skills and knowledge required to effectively measure current resource use in Dubai's Retail organisations. It will teach learners a range of techniques to carry out improvements and reduce the negative environmental impact of common work practices within the sector.

  • Unit 3

    Finance for the retail industry

    In this unit, students will gain an understanding of key Retail business metrics and finance methods used to operate Retail businesses. This will be taught through a wide range of topics including financial statements and reports, budgeting, risk and audit.

  • Unit 4

    Food Safety and Hygiene Practices

    This unit teaches students the strict hygiene guidelines and practices within the Retail industry where food is handled, either for consumption on premise or for consumption off-site. Ensuring that food is maintained and handled correctly so that it does not become spoiled or contaminated is key to providing a safe and quality product offering.

  • Unit 5


    The International Computer Driving License (ICDL) is a qualification that enables people to demonstrate their competence in computer skills. In this course we will cover the base modules that provide learners with essential skills that are fundamental to all professional job functions. The certificate combines four ICDL module tests, leading to the base modules qualification.

  • Unit 6

    Innovation for the workplace

    Innovation for the Workplace aims to develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively contribute to a work environment that enables and supports innovation in order to be financially sustainable and to establish competitive advantage. This unit will equip students with an understanding of, and opportunity to practically apply creative thinking and innovation techniques.

  • Unit 7


    The Internship Programme is a unique on the job training opportunity for students to gain work experience and insights into the industry they are studying. Students will be placed with a related employer for a four week period over which time they will keep a log of activities and progress that will be subject to feedback and assessment.

  • Unit 8


    The purpose of this unit is to give learners an understanding of how visual merchandising is used to promote the sale of goods. Students will learn a variety of techniques to optimise the use of selling space in store to increase footfall, brand engagement and to drive sales revenues.

  • Unit 9

    Multi-channel retail

    This unit teaches students about the factors that have prompted the evolution of the Retail industry and how digital disruption is transforming the way that customers are discovering, researching, purchasing and evaluating products and services. Learners will gain an insight into the commercial challenges facing Retailers today and how Retailers are striving to respond to changing customer behaviour.

  • Unit 10

    Preparing for a career in retail

    The purpose of the unit is to prepare learners to work in the Retail Industry in Dubai. Learners will gain an understanding of the importance of personal branding and presenting a professional image, as well as the practical skills required to prepare for job interviews using recognised interview skills techniques.

  • Unit 11

    Retail stock management

    Studying Retail Stock Management will equip learners with an understanding of the role of stock management in Retail organisations. The role and purpose of critical stock management processes and activities will be explored to gain an understanding of the impact of stock management on the overall profitability of Retail organisations.

  • Unit 12

    Safety and risk control

    Through Safety and Risk Control, students will learn about the processes necessary to control specific workplace safety risks. The risk management approach is central to compliance with Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) legislation, which imposes obligations on businesses to manage the safety of their workers and anyone else in the workplace.

  • Unit 13

    Sales and Marketing

    This unit describes the knowledge and skills required to understand the purpose and function of Sales and Marketing functions within the Retail industry. It will enable learners to develop a strong understanding of the factors which influence effective sales and marketing strategies to identify, profile and attract customers and drive sales revenue.

  • Unit 14

    Skills for Service Excellence

    The purpose of this unit is to teach students how to apply a range of general and specialist product knowledge to recommend appropriate products and services to identified customer needs. Students will learn to evaluate customer service strategies and suggest ways to improve them based on feedback to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Unit 15

    Social and Cultural Awareness

    Aimed at supporting student behaviour in the workplace, this unit describes the skills and knowledge required to be socially aware when serving customers and working with colleagues. Learners will gain the basic skills and knowledge needed to communicate effectively with people from different cultures and social backgrounds and to deal sensitively with misunderstandings.

  • Unit 16

    Workplace Communication and Supervision

    A successful career in the Retail industry requires individuals to communicate successfully with people at all levels, both work colleagues and customers. This unit will cover effective communication skills, how to lead a frontline team and the skills and knowledge required to deliver workplace coaching.

Why Study Retail Business ?

The Dubai Mall, the world's largest and most-visited retail and entertainment destination, welcomed more than 80 million visitors in 2017.

Dubai is The 2nd most important global retail destination in The world for consumers and brands.

World class shopping experience demands experts in retail and customer care.


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