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It’s not just theoretical grasp, but also practical, working knowledge that sets you on the path to career success. The DCT difference is our hands-on training from industry professionals, personalised mentoring from teachers and counselors, and the working internships before graduating.

DCT's Certificate programme includes an internship of 4 weeks, and our Advanced Diploma programme includes an internship of 4 months in each of the 2 years.

They are mandatory for all students because they put into practice the skills and ideas learnt in class. They are credit bearing, and therefore essential in order to graduate.

Not only do these internships enable students to start their career with greater ability and confidence, but also provide them with the opportunity to establish important contacts with a growing network of industry professionals.

Our Experiential Learning Manager facilitates the placement of each student on his/her internship.



DCT is here to meet the needs of both learners and their future employers. Our career planning and placement support service works closely with students to provide hands-on mentoring and guidance, allowing them to achieve success and experience both in and out of the classroom.

Through our course content and structure, experiential opportunities and career support services, we are able to advise and prepare students  on all career related matters including career goals, CVs, networking as well as employability skills development.We also provide invaluable guidance on how to search for employment, and prepare for interviews and assessments.

Student career development

Through coursework, experiential course components and career support services, here are some of the ways in which DCT helps with student career development.




Site visits and guest lecturers are integrated into all classes to ensure students are able to broaden their network of references for their job searches.




Adapted to each programme, students will learn effective CV creation to suit the industry.




Practical skills also include mock interviews where we offer students a chance to practice interviewing for potential job roles.




Along with a LinkedIn profile, students are taught to create an e-portfolio to showcase their skills for future employers.



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