With 14.9 million tourists in 2016, Dubai became the 4th most visited city in the world, and by 2020, it aims to be number one. As such, there has never been a more exciting time to work in Dubai’s tourism industry. Now, thanks to DCT, a career in this growing industry has never been more accessible.

By concentrating on real-world skills, their practical application and actual industry requirements, DCT will best prepare you for your future career in Tourism, Retail, Hospitality, Events or Culinary Arts.

Through organised internships with our industry partners, and by focusing on not just theory, but practical work, DCT will help you take advantage of the many exciting opportunities that are being created in Dubai’s tourism industry.


It’s not just theoretical grasp, but also practical, working knowledge that sets you on the path to career success. The DCT difference is our hands-on training from industry professionals, personalised mentoring from teachers and counselors, and the working internships before graduating.

DCT Certificate and Diploma courses include an internship of 4 weeks on-the-job training.

They are mandatory for all students because they put into practice the skills and ideas learnt in class. They are credit bearing, and therefore essential in order to graduate.

Not only do these internships enable students to start their career with greater ability and confidence, but also provide them with the opportunity to establish important contacts with a growing network of industry professionals.


DCT is here to meet the needs of both learners and their future employers. Our career planning and placement support service works closely with students to provide hands-on mentoring and guidance, allowing them to achieve success and experience both in and out of the classroom.

Career Support is able to advise our students on all career related matters including career goals, CV’s, networking as well as employability skills development. It also provides invaluable guidance on how to search for employment, and prepare for interviews and assessments.

Ultimately, Career Support is an essential resource for our students, providing any help or advice that they might need in managing their future career development and achieving their goals.


DCT is not only affiliated with the tourism industry, it has been created by Dubai Tourism. The college is an initiative of the Dubai government and is a direct result of tourism’s current and future role in the economy.

With unparalleled connections within the industry, our students are very close to their potential future employers. With the practical nature of the education that DCT provides and the focus on satisfying industry requirements, the number of opportunities awaiting DCT graduates is staggering.

Our Career Support Services will be available to help students identify and apply for positions throughout their studies and after graduation.

These are just some of the areas in which graduates can expect to find employment prospects:

Having gained in-depth knowledge about the industry, emerging products and services and the latest technology, you will be able to take advantage of opportunities in travel agencies, tourism boards, tour operators and a multitude of associated roles.


Understanding the operational aspects of the hospitality industry qualifies graduates for the many exciting roles in front office, food and beverage, sales, marketing and customer service among others.


Dubai’s eclectic gastronomic scene is one of the most exciting in the world. DCT’s multi-disciplined approach prepares graduates for the many positions such as Personal Chef, Restaurant Chef and Banquet Cook among others.


Dubai’s retail sector is unparalleled in both scope and opportunity. Graduates can expect great prospects in roles such as retail sales consultant, store buyer, store manager among others.


Having mastered the organization, development and execution of high profile events, graduates are primed for exciting roles such as Event Coordinator, Planner or Manager.