Student Support Services


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Career Advisement Service

DCT students have access to a career advisor whose role it is to help them turn their education into a lifetime of achievement.

They are there to help with career exploration, job seeking, resume and cover letter writing, and anything that helps the student turn their skills into a fulfilling career.

While students are at DCT, their relationship with their career advisor is ongoing, multifaceted, and the shared responsibility of both student and advisor.


DCT commits to helping students with both career exploration and development of skills needed to secure a job after graduation.

These Include:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Crafting
  • Portfolio Development
  • Training on Interview Skills
  • Networking skills and opportunities to connect with industry members

Learning Support

Students will be provided with a tutor who will be on hand to support them with any aspects of college life and learning support. Tutors are available to all students.


Students with Learning Disabilities

Dubai College of Tourism is committed to providing equal access for all qualified individuals to its programmes and learning opportunities.

It is the college's policy to provide, on an individual basis, adjustments to its requirements for students who have documented disabilities that may affect their ability to meet course requirements as well as practical internship work experience. Please contact the college to discuss any support you may require.