By collaborating with industry partners to sponsor scholarships, the Dubai College of Tourism Scholarship fund is aimed at bringing more talented ‘Dubaians’ into the tourist-facing-workforce. Ensuring a pathway to a career for our existing Dubai residents, both Emirati nationals and expats is a stated goal and an integral component of the ‘Dubai 2021 plan’ and there are many worthy students who will prove to be exceptional employees when provided with the skills and mentoring that a scholarship can provide.


Sponsors who work closely with DCT can structure a very creative and worthwhile scholarship programme that would see a student study diligently at DCT while experiencing the real day-to-day environment of the workplace. At graduation, a DCT student is more than ready for the workplace.


Why support a Scholarship

A scholarship supports not only the student but as a sponsor you can support a particular subject you are passionate about or create a pipeline of talent for your organisation.

By funding an entire scholarship, you will be able to name the scholarship, giving recognition to yourself, your company or someone you love.


How to form your Scholarship

You can choose to contribute to the overall scholarship fund or even establish your own scholarship and requirements, working with Dubai College of Tourism to determine the criteria for scholarship and actively participate in the student selection process. As a scholarship sponsor, you are able to monitor the recipient student’s progress and provide an in-house internship and work-placement opportunity.


The amount of investment will determine whether you sponsor your own scholarship or contribute to the overall scholarship fund.


What a scholarship means

A scholarship from the Dubai College of Tourism creates opportunity. An opportunity for the sponsor to make a difference and an opportunity for the student to realise their potential and follow their passion. When you sponsor a scholarship, you enable the most deserving students to study at DCT. In doing so, you help students to gain qualifications and leadership skills. Scholarships provide support, confidence and encouragement, and keep students motivated. This will benefit the entire Dubai community and all visitors to Dubai.


For more information about how to become a DCT scholarship sponsor, email info@dct.ac.ae or contact us on 04 4032834