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DCT is now offering short courses
in Retail, Tourism, and Events! 



Our short courses will help you broaden your knowledge, build your skills, advance your career and network with other individuals like yourself. Courses are offered as one day Master Classes and two to three-day foundational courses.


Registration is now open for Summer 2019



Our Faculty

Our short courses are designed and taught by some of Dubai's leading industry professionals.

Short Courses 2019


    Introduction to our new Short Courses

    Please note that our courses are separated into foundational courses (FDN) and one-day master classes (MASTER).

  • FDN

    Principles of Event Management

    This course will provide you with the fundamental management skills and sectoral knowledge needed to create your own successful event in Dubai.

    Topics Covered

    - Industry overview in Dubai
    - B2B Corporate Events (e.g. exhibitions, conferences, incentive events)\
    - B2C Consumer Event Management (e.g. Product launches, Entertainment shows & festivals, Sporting events)
    - Social Events (e.g. Weddings, Religious Celebrations)
    - Event objectives and strategic planning
    - Finance plan and running sheets
    - Event venue, food and beverage
    - Risk Management and Health & Safety
    - Career development in the field


      Dates: June 26th and 27th
      Price: 1200 AED

  • FDN

    Principles of Marketing

    This course will allow you to plan and execute a range of marketing activities.

    Topics Covered

    - What is marketing?
    - The five stages of adoption
    - Consumer buying behaviour (decision making process and needs, wants, demands)
    - The marketing mix - Product, place, price & promotion
    - Market segmentation
    - Branding and the perceptual map
    - Personal selling & commission incentive
    - Advertising, Digital marketing & social media
    - Sales promotions
    - PR and Media
    - Influencer marketing
    - The marketing plan
    - Career development within the sector


      Dates: July 3rd and 4th
      Price: 1200 AED

  • FDN

    Principles of Retail

    This course provides an in-depth look into retail as an increasingly important and ever-evolving sector. The course will use a technologically integrated learning approach to create a broad foundational knowledge of the retail sector.  

    Topics covered

    - Understanding the Retail Business in Dubai
    - Understanding Shopping & Shoppers
    - Retail formats and the importance of location
    - Category and supply chain Management
    - Retail Buying
    - Store Layout and design
    - Communication & Marketing tools
    - Pricing strategies
    - Sales and Customer service
    - Store Loyalty
    - Multi channels of Retail
    - Identifying Retail Opportunities


      Dates: 12th and 13th of July (Weekend), 29th  and 30th of July (Weekdays) 
      Price: 1200 AED

  • FDN

    Principles of Travel Agency Operations

    This course equips you the essential skills needed to work as a travel agent in Dubai.

    Topics covered

    - Customer service and its importance for travel agency
    - Understanding customer expectations
    - What a package and itinerary is, and how to tailor make them to your customer’s expectations
    - How to process travel related documents and the importance of system usage. ​


      Date: 30th -2nd of July (3 days)
      Price 1500 AED


    Master Class in Digital Marketing

    This one day class will focus on digital marketing as an increasingly important tool for businesses to grow and thrive.

    Topics Covered

    - The importance of digital marketing
    - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    - Google Ads – Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Remarketing, Google My Business
    - Google Analytics
    - Blogs
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - LinkedIn
    - Instagram
    - YouTube - Video Marketing
    - Social Media advertising

      Dates: July 11th
      Price 950 AED


    Master Class in Branding

    This class will focus on why it is important for companies of all sizes to invest in creating a brand. You will understand the basics of brand identity and how it fits into the marketing mix, using world famous brands as case studies.  

    Topics Covered

    - What is branding?
    - The importance of branding
    - World famous brands
    - What is brand identity?
    - Link with the marketing mix
    - The perceptual map
    - Brand and perception

      Dates: July 14th 
      Price 950 AED


    Master Class in Experiential Marketing

    This one day class will take an in-depth look into experiential marketing as a means of creating brand attachment among customers.

    Topics Covered

    - What is experiential marketing?
    - Example of the best experiential marketing campaigns
    - Social Media activations
    - Photo experiences
    - Digital activations
    - Stand activations
    - Offline activations

      Dates: July 17th 
      Price 950 AED

Why train withDCT?

Our courses are designed and delivered by industry professionals
We use interactive hands-on teaching techniques
We are located at the headquarters of Dubai Tourism