Learning by Doing

In certain industries, a traditional education may have its shortcomings, potentially focusing too much on theory while ignoring its implications in the real world.

The fast-paced tourism industry is one such example, so DCT has tailored its education to meet the needs of both our students and their future employers. As a vocational college, we deliver the knowledge, skills, and competencies required through both theoretical teaching and practical experience.

All of our courses include working internships and continuous industry feedback. This practical focus ensures that our students prepare dynamically for specific careers in their chosen field.


Be part of Dubai's success

By 2020, the tourism industry will be bigger than Finance, Oil and Construction industry combined*. Dubai also plans to attract 20 million visitors and become the most visited city in the world**. With tourism so central to Dubai's current and future plans, a career in this industry is an exciting and rewarding one.

DCT has been established in order to meet the huge demand in Dubai's tourism, hospitality, events, retail and culinary industries. All DCT programmes have been developed in collaboration with highly respected industry professionals so that graduates enter the industry with the knowledge and practical skills required to succeed in their chosen career.

* Data from DTCM Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy Update, February 2017

**DTCM Report: Annual Visitor Report and Data from DTCM Vision 2020 Tourism Strategy Update, February 2017


Empowered Today, Employed Tomorrow

DCT is where students build resumes with related work experiences and expand their network of industry contacts. Many of our industry partners will support our students through practical work experience while they are studying, while industry partners are well positioned to hire standout students once they have graduated.

Our Advisory Council consists of representatives from Dubai Tourism and various tourism industry partners. Our Career Planning advisors will collaborate with these and other partners in an effort to place students before and after graduation. The close support that we receive from the Dubai Government is especially significant as we are best placed to engage with industry partners and ensure industry input in our programmes. This ensures that our programmes are truly relevant to today's market and its future employment requirements.


Approved and Accredited

DCT is accredited by Dubai's Department of Knowledge and Human Development (KHDA) and established by Dubai's Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism).